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Ltl-6310MG 3G Setup Program V1.2.2.33

Ltl-6310MG 3G Setup Program V1.1.40

Ltl-6310MG 3G Setup Program V1.1.39

Ltl Acorn Old 2G Series Setup Program

WildGuarder 4G Setup Program

Note: The above setup programs are trustful executive files. However, the anti-virus system (e.g. Norton) on your computer may deem it as virus and remove it from your downloads. To restore it, follow the steps below:
1. Open your Norton product
2. On the main window click on Quarantine
3. On the opened list find the file you want to restore
4. Click on More Details (bottom, right side)
5. On the new window click on Options (bottom)
6. Click on Restore file
If you have trouble restoring the file, please email us.