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LOOKOUT NVB-F1 IR Night Vision Binoculars

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The revolutionary LOOKOUT NVB-F1 Digital Night Vision Binoculars are a special instrument for viewing in a fully dark environment. They provide an impressive selection of features designed to boost your observation experience to an unparalleled professional level.

  • LONG VIEWING RANGE In the daytime you can easily see objects a mile away. In the nighttime you can see up to 1600 feet (400m) in full darkness.
  • STARLIGHT-GRADE IMAGE SENSOR provides improved night vision in low light conditions.  
  • 4" WIDE SCREEN DISPLAY allows you to easily observe the scenery, maneuver the interface, and playback the photos/videos.
  • MULTI-LAYER COATED OPTICAL ELEMENT enhances light transmission and reduces glare. Featuring high optical clarity and smooth focus wheel movement, the binoculars quickly find and lock the object.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION 6 operation keys are ergonomically aligned for you conveniently performing all functions in the dark. 
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS & APPLICATIONS Use in both daytime and nighttime. Work also as a digital camera. Idea for night activities such as hunting, reconnaissance, security and surveillance, camping, wildlife observation, search and rescue, and bird watching.
  • LONG OPERATING TIME Up to 6 hours of continuous runtime with IR light on and 14 hours without IR light. 

Tech Spec

Optical PerformanceDigital Zoom1 - 4 X
Angle of View9.8°
MTF8 Mega Pixel
Objective Lens Diameter30mm
Exit Pupil Distance17.53mm
F-# for Objective LensF=2.8
View Range in Daytime0.7m-∞
View Range in Darkness1600 ft
Image SensorSize1/2.7
Resolution8MP 3840x2160
Light SystemPower5W
IR Wavelength850nm
IR ApertureAdjustable
PowerInput Voltage4V-6V
Power Supply4 or 8*AA
InterfaceUSB 2.0, HDMI, TF C10 Card
DisplayScreen Resolution854x480
CertificateCE, ROHS, FCC, Patented


A: The binoculars will not power on.
1. Re-install all the batteries. Ensure the batteries are facing the right direction (+ / -). 

2. Replace with new batteries. Do not mix with used ones or different brands. 
3. Clean the battery chamber if needed, especially the positive and negative contact points.
B. The live view is too bright or too dark in darkness.

Press the IR button to adjust the IR light brightness. There are four options: light off, level 1, level 2, and level 3. Adjust the level accordingly.

C. Image penumbra - outer region of the view is shaded. 

Note: Make sure the protective films on the lens/IR lamp/display have been peeled off.

1. Rotate the focus wheel until you get a clear view on the display.

2. Rotate the IR wheel until the lighting is ideal.

D. When turning on the IR light, I just see a bright spot in the middle of the screen.


Rotate the IR wheel to adjust the spotting size. Generally, when the object is at the far end of the range, it is better to contract the spotting size to reach the brightest illumination. When the object is at the near end of the range, it is better to expand the spotting size to get the fullest view. 

E. I watch my backyard behind the window at night, but I cannot see anything.


The IR light will not work behind the window because the glass deflects the IR light.